S.W.E.A.T. for Homeschoolers is a group of homeschool parents with a vision to create a nonprofit track and field community serving private and charter school Christian homeschool families and their athletes.  Our mission is to assist, equip and encourage these families in establishing and maintaining successful cross country and track and field clubs.

By establishing multiple homeschool clubs within San Diego County, we create an opportunity for our youth to compete at official USAT&F sanctioned meets.

Come and find out more, we welcome all interested private and charter school Christian homeschoolers!

We are parents, athlete, coaches and youth sports enthusiasts desiring to make a difference in our homeschool community by creating cross country and track and field club sports teams.  We each have a unique background that together provides framework and experience to create a sustaining club structure.

Mary F. YorkMrs. Mary York has been married to Scott York for 38 years.  She is a mother of seven ranging in ages from 14 to 29 years.   A homeschool veteran of 23, Mary graduated 5 college-bound students with two currently in high school, all the while holding multiple leadership roles within the homeschool community.  She currently serves on the board of CHEA of CA.  She brings an incredible amount of leadership and experience to our organization with a vision to create a sustainable comprehensive program.

Miss Mary YorkA Collegiate cross country/track and field athlete, she competed for Southwestern College and was the women’s team captain two seasons in a row.  Her track events are the 400, 400 hurdles and 4 X 400 relay.  She and her team took second place at the 2017 conference championships.

Mary is an accomplished author and writer for many well known internationally acclaimed organizations.

Deborah Marshall

Deborah Marshall’s experience with clubs and organizations is extensive. She has four talented and energetic children, two of which have graduated homeschool life.  Deborah has managed and served at all levels of volunteer work within the plethora of extracurricular activities and clubs. She loves to work behind the scenes to make things happen.

Michelle ArgueMichelle Argue grew up participating in track and field, winning a state championship in the Javelin,  and continuing through college on a full scholarship.   She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science at Eastern Washington University.  A multi-sport athlete, Michelle has participated in and coached volleyball, basketball in addition to track and field. She completed and passed the American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Instructor testing and practical exams.  After college, she competed in triathlons and half marathons.  She is married to Matt and homeschools her two high school boys.  Michelle’s passion for the sport stems from fond childhood memories growing up in a track and field family,  the satisfaction from hard work and the duplicity of track and field as both an individual as well as team sports.